I Want to Believe

December 9, 2008

I am a huge science fiction fan.  I love science fiction books and t.v. shows and movies.  I’m a dork, I know, but I can’t help it.

My first real experience with this genre was “Star Trek” and “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “Star Trek: Deep Space 9” and the other various Star Trek’s out there.  For the record, I am not a Trekkie.  I don’t speak Klingon or dress up like Jean Luc Picard for Halloween.  But I would try to never miss a Sunday that The Next Generation was on.

After the series was over, I entertained myself with the Star Trek books.  At least Data and Counselor Troy could live on in the life of the books.  Then, a new series on Fox piqued my interest.  It was called The X-Files and it looked interesting.  We didn’t start watching it right away, but about season 3 was when we got interested.  It was my replacement for Star Trek, and again, I tried not to miss a Sunday night.  I loved Scully’s skepticism and Mulder’s blind belief in all things paranormal.  What a great team.  I watched every season from then on, even up to season 9, when things got really stupid because Mulder wasn’t even on until the last episode.  The series finale was also a huge disappoinment, but I watched anyway.  I even went to the first movie.

When Emily was born, I needed something to do when I had those late night feedings.  At the library, they had the complete X-Files series on DVD, and now I could watch from the first episode to the very last one.  David really doesn’t like the X-Files, he tolerates it, but says it is too dark, so when I was feeding Emily at 3 a.m, I would stick a DVD in the computer and watch.  My favorite seasons were probably six and seven.  I was kind of sad to have it end.

After the X-Files finished on t.v., we moved on to other sci-fi shows like “Stargate” and the like.  Since then, I haven’t found one that I like a whole lot, but that might be because we don’t have a t.v. (Ya think?)

One day, I picked up a Dean Koontz book called “Lightning,” at the store because I was looking for something to read on our flight to MN.  It looked pretty good, so I bought it.  Little did I know that this would begin my new obsession with sci-fi.  I didn’t realize it was a science fiction book at the time, but as soon as I started reading I was hooked.  I’m pretty sure I have now read ALL of the Dean Koontz books, except for the newest one that came out last Tuesday.  I have even read them more than once, I like them so much.  My favorites are:  “Velocity”, all the “Odd” books, “By the Light of the Moon,” “The Face,” “Mr. Murder,” “Life Expectancy,” “One Door Away from Heaven,” and “From the Corner of His Eye.”

I’ve also read and liked Ted Dekker books, and of course, Frank Peretti.  I go through them pretty fast, and they don’t last very long.

So I need a new sci-fi book or series to watch.  I don’t particulary like the vampire books, even though I guess they could be considered sci-fi.  I don’t want horror, either, like Stephen King.  What have you read that you’ve liked that could be considered sci-fi?

I also heard that the latest X-Files movie was terrible.  I don’t want to see it if it will leave my memory of Mulder and Scully tarnished.  I just won’t see it.  Besides, I heard it was extremely dark, and I don’t want to go that dark.  So I haven’t seen it.



December 4, 2008

I’m thinking things are getting more back to normal.  I don’t feel like the walking dead anymore and I have more energy–most of the time. I am getting things done, although I still feel like my house is a pit.  Yeah, things are going along pretty good.

But “normal” is a subjective word.  Things are not normal, as they were pre-Emily.  Things are normal for our family at this point in our lives.  Baby eats, poos, coos, and sleeps.  Kids do school, practice instruments, go to activities and stuff.  Dave and I do most of the stuff we did pre-Emily.  Although I must admit, it takes a whole lot longer to do!

For example, last night, we headed out to rehearsal for worship.  Before, I used to get the music together, type stuff out and get it all organized.  We used to eat, load up the car with gear and go.  Now, I have to make sure the baby is fed before we go, while simultaneously trying to get dinner together.  I have to get music ready and I had to get Alex to bring all the gear downstairs, ready to load in the car.  I also had to get the diaper bag ready, get another bottle, “just in case,” Get the clothes I was going to give away, get the diapers I was going to give away because Emily outgrew them, get the stroller, because she does better in the stroller than the car seat.  But I did it!  I was so proud of myself.  Dinner was ready, and Emily was fed.  The only thing I forgot was the stroller.  We actually got to church 15 minutes early instead of right on time.  We had time to make copies and David had time to get the sound system up and running.

I think Elizabeth is having a hard time with this new “normal”.  We have made sure that we spend time with her alone–and Alex too, so they know they are loved, but they aren’t helpless, like Emily.  Last week, we went out and had coffee and shopped.  David took Beth out to lunch this week, and last week, he took Alex out.  This is the new normal.

For Thanksgiving, we went to our friend’s house.  That was an ordeal.  All I had to do was bring rolls and pie.  I got the rolls and pie (homemade, by the way.) but the whole getting out and over there was ridiculous!  I had to bring Emily’s sleeping bed, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes, the bottle, the formula, the high chair, the stroller, the monitors and various other things.  I felt like we were moving in!  We got over there and Emily went down upstairs, but since it is so far away, I needed the monitors so I could hear her if she started to fuss.  We had a great time, but wow, this is the new normal!

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to go to Michael’s and get some yarn for a blanket I am crocheting.  I am also going to attempt to go to the grocery store.  We’ll see how that works out….


Things that really irritate me

October 27, 2008

Just a list…

1.  People that are constantly late.

2.  When I am late.

3.  Violins that are out-of-tune, especially in an orchestra.

4.  When I ask my children to do something and they tell me, “ok.  Just a minute…” and then don’t do what I asked.

5.  Sopranos that are flat.  As in musically, not chested.

6.  When I make a mistake while making dinner and the dinner isn’t as good as it could have been.  

7.  Retail service people that don’t provide service.

8.  Being told that the McDonald’s ice cream machine is broken.  (That is a lie, people.  I had friends that used to work fast food that told me they would tell people the machine was broken because they didn’t want to have to clean the machine.  Apparently, it isn’t that easy to clean.)  Can 3 stores have broken ice cream machines?  

9.  People that send emails telling me that Proctor and Gamble is headed by a Satanist.

10.  Forwards on email that have some sort of conspiracy in it, like saying Madeline Murray O’Hare is trying to take prayer out of school.  She is dead!  Snopes is an excellent site to find out if these rumors are true or not.

11.  Emails stating that Obama might be the antichrist.

12.  Little boys bathrooms.  (Stinky!)  Also cat litter that hasn’t been changed.

13.  Eggplant.

14.  Children that leave their stuff where they drop it.

15.  Being told, “I don’t like that,” when I tell someone what is for dinner.

16.  Going out to eat for a special occasion and having crappy food.

17.  People that get paid to do something that they don’t do.

18.  Gossip.

19.  Dog smell.

20.  Dog drool.

21.  Sniffing dogs.

22.  Jumping dogs.

23.  The smell of the fish department of any store.

24.  People that need to get the last word in.

25.  When someone insists that they are right and you have the proof they aren’t, but you don’t say anything because you don’t want to offend them.

26.  Emails that state “if  you don’t send this to 10 people in ten minutes, you will have ten years of bad luck,” or other such luck related statements.

27.  When children don’t study for tests and say they are ready to take the test.  The same goes for children that say they practice, but you can tell they don’t.

28.  People that use the “f” word in every sentence they speak.

29.  Age spots.

30.  Gray hairs.

31.  Nylon socks.  They make my feet sweat, which in turn, makes them smell horribly.

32.  Having to shave my legs and then getting a nick.

33.  Trying to wax/shave my bikini line.

34.  When someone yells at my kids.

35.  When someone is mean to my kids.

36.   40 watt light bulbs.

37.  Spit up on my shoulder or down the front of my bra.  (Yes, that has happened.  All you can do is laugh.)

38.  Pencils that squeak when you write with them.

39.  Sleeping too late in the morning so you’ve thrown away your day.

40.  The smell of raw chicken.



October 13, 2008

Emily has been sleeping so much better, and as a result, so have I.  I think the colic is becoming a thing of the past.  She really is a very sweet baby when she isn’t writhing in pain.

I took these pictures after she had her bottle and she was sitting cooing and smiling at us.  

We have so many pictures of Emily, I’m going to need to get some more of Alex and Beth up.  Soon.


Almost 2 months

October 7, 2008

On Sunday, Emily will be 2 months old.  Technically, today she is 8 weeks old.  I can’t believe it has gone by so fast!  She is beginning to come out of the colic and has been sleeping a lot longer at night, which is great.  I feel so much better with 6 hours of sleep than I did with 2 or 3!

My dear husband took these adorable pictures, and he also posted them on his blog, but I just love looking at them, so here they are again.

Emily looking thoughtful…

The Piglet outfit.

Goodnight!  Time for bed!


Tired, but not sleeping

September 29, 2008

Baby Emily has been fussy.  Yes, we call it colic, but after experiencing this with our first, it is a little easier to handle.  She pretty much fusses from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.  Getting little cat-naps in between the time she isn’t crying.  She sleeps in her swing, and yes, I know all the controversy over swing sleeping, but I do keep an eye on her–I don’t leave her alone in it.

Also, the tummy sleeping seems to help.  I know–controversy again.  But I keep an eye on her, she is in her bassinette in the living room, after all.  Besides, she only sleeps 15 minutes at a time before a gas pain wakes her up, so we’re pretty safe, I’d say.

This weekend, it seemed like everything was getting better.  She actually slept during the day and went right down that night and slept for about 6 hours at a time.  Then today, it was the same deal.  Cry, cry, cry.  It is only a season.  And that season should be just about done, according to my calculations, so I think I will be ok.

This is one of the few times she actually sleeps.

This is the little piggy outfit my sister got.  It has a pig on the butt and also a pig bib.  Very cute!

This is another way she will sleep.  On Daddy.

It makes me sleepy just looking at it.




September 12, 2008

Tomorrow, my dear husband and I are going to set up the school room.  This is no easy feat, since all the school room is in boxes right now, due to the fact that Alex moved up to the school room, Beth moved to Alex’s old room, and Emily moved into Beth’s old room.  We have a very large kitchen with a big table and chairs.  We also have a dining room, so the school room will be in the kitchen this year since we don’t really use the table and chairs in there, anyway.  (I’ll post pictures when we finish, but the kitchen is huge, so it won’t be a problem to add the schoolroom in there.)

I’m kind of freaking out about starting school this year.  Due to the fact that Emily is now in the picture, I have so little time to get stuff done.  I have been assured by veteran home school moms that it will all work out.  I just have to remember that things will NOT be the same as they were last year, and adjust for that.  I know I can do it, but right now, I don’t know how it will work!

Having two teenagers in home school is a little easier than if I had two elementary school children.  A lot of their work can be done independently, with a little guidance from me.  In fact, most of their work can be done on their own, as long as I prepare their lessons beforehand.  I say that a lot of their work can be done independently, but I don’t know that I really believe it.  That is the problem with having a teaching degree and trying to home school.  You get stuck in public education and forget that their ARE so many other ways of doing things, instead of traditional education.  That is where I am right now.  Trying to get my head around teaching in a non traditional way.  I had a long conversation with a veteran home school mom yesterday and found out that actually, there are no real requirements to getting a diploma from high school.  There are suggestions, but really, I can teach whatever I want and give a diploma whenever I think they are ready.  Not that this is the way I want to go.  In order to get into college or a technical school, you need certain classes to be accepted.  If you aren’t going to college, it doesn’t really matter.  Both of our kids are interested in some sort of school after high school, so there are certain classes I will need to make sure they have.  That is a lot less intimidating.

I’m worried about the fact that up until this point, I have sort of coddled my high school age children in home school.  I am constantly reminding them to study for this or that test, constantly checking Alex’s math work to make sure he is understanding, and constantly going behind them to make sure they do what they need to.  It’s my public school training coming out.  That is the way it was when I was teaching.  So much reminding and not enough independence.  My daughter, I think will be able to handle doing stuff on her own, but my son, that is another story.  Boys really are more immature than girls at this age.  If I have to remind him everyday to unload the dishwasher–A chore he has had for many years–what is school going to be like?

So this year is going to be different.  I’m way scared.  But ready for a change, because there is NO way I can do it the way I did last year.